Partner Plan&Examples

Helmet provides modular components to help any asset holder create policies and sell them in the market. In early days, we have created some examples of commonly used policies to help users understand and use Helmet protocol, meanwhile we will launch a [Partner Plan] on BSC, aiming at prosperous BSC ecology through deep cooperation with emerging assets.
Assets supported by the Helmet [Partner Plan] will obtain the following benefits.
  • Asset prices are protected by the Helmet protocol
  • Get listed on the Helmet SHORT Token mining whitelist
  • Helmet's operation team assistance for developing new policy varieties
  • Promo support by Helmet's official "Policy Airdrop" campaign held at BSC
  • Listed on the asset mutual insurance whitelist to incentivize Token holders
  • Share the users of Defi partner group ......
If you are interested in the Partner Plan, please contact us

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For example, There are 2 types of insurance policy that we have developed for users :
  1. 1.
    Cover 100% up
  2. 2.
    Cover 50% off

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