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Cover Miss Out

Cover "double the price"


Cover Miss Out is a kind of insurance against 'fear of missing out'. Policy holder pays a tiny cost for a "call' to prevent missing the pice of X denominated asset rise.
if the insured Token's price is higher than double of the issue price before the expiration date, the holder will get a profit. If the value of the Token is not more than double, the policy supplier will receive a stable premium as interest.
Cover Miss Out can be used for the policy holder to prevent 'missing out' or to prevent the impermanent loss caused by Token's price rise during liquidity mining.

Insurance Parameters

Expiration Date: 14 natural days after the date of issue.
Policy Price: Double the price of the index at the time of insurance.
Denominated Asset: BNB (BNB is usually used as the denominated asset for insurance policy on unless otherwise specified)
Underlying Assets: Part of emerging assets on BSC

How to calculate Policy Supplier's returns by supplying Cover Miss Out policy?

Formula to calculate returns of policy supplier
When the policy price > current price, the policy supplier can obtain premiums without risk,‌
When the policy price < current price, a hedging instrument or other means is required to hedge the risk and obtain stable interest.

How to calculate Policy holder's returns by buying Cover Miss Out policy?

Formula to calculate returns of policy holder
Max(currentpricepolicyprice,0)premiumMax(current price - policy price,0) - premium
The maximum loss of the policy holder is just premium, while there is no cap on the gain. The profit is made if_
Currentpriceoftheinsuredunderlyingpolicyprice>premium.Current price of the insured underlying - policy price > premium.